A Very Special Episode

Molded by a shared passion for pushing boundaries, A Very Special Episode is not merely a band but an immersive experience. They seamlessly traverse genres, oscillating between intense guitars and drums to soft, introspective vocals with remarkable agility. While their debut LP, FIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE, captured their foundational, noisy state, 2023's Freak Me Out pushes the boundaries of their signature sound.

Freak Me Out not only maintains AVSE's distinctive style but also embraces a catchier side, exploring pop-style melodies inspired by artists like Halsey and Trent Reznor. The third track, "Deep in the Weeds," stands out as a sing-along anthem that bridges the gap between pop sensibilities and heavier music. The experimentation extends beyond melodies to encompass new tempos and song structures, as evidenced by the slowed-down emotional resonance of "Neon Stars."

These changes are organic, reflecting the band's evolution since the surreal art-driven FYHOD. Freak Me Out draws influences from a broader spectrum of film and television, including docu-series about cults. The parallels between local music scenes and cults become a tongue-in-cheek observation, highlighting the shared elements of faith, financial sacrifices, and communal experiences.

The album maintains a strong community mindset, evident in tracks like "$5 Cover," which name-drops local bands and highlights community moments at EWEL. AVSE's collaborative spirit extends beyond their unit to the larger DIY ecosystem, emphasizing the influence of fellow artists and the broader cultural impact of shared music.

Following the summer 2023 release of Freak Me Out, AVSE embarked on a tour of Japan with label mates Kissed by an Animal and subsequently undertook a seven-city East Coast tour. Not content to rest, they swiftly follow up FMO with a split EP, DS + AVSE, collaborating with fellow Brooklyn underground scene band Desert Sharks. The EP, releasing on March 8th, 2024, draws thematic inspiration from the four elements, showcasing the captivating synergy between Desert Sharks' focus on earth and water and AVSE's exploration of fire and air. The result is a powerful four-song release, a testament to both bands' prowess in crafting punk and doom-soaked anthems.